Nowhere in this whole wide world would you witness an amalgamation of more than 8500 young children showcase their talents in front of a massive audience at Siri Fort auditorium every year! It is the most awaited event of the year which is graced by the top dignitaries of the city. Each and every child of Mother’s Pride gets an opportunity to participate in this four day long gala with spectacular themes such as ‘Little Lions of India’ & ‘Love Blossoms Here’ and mesmerising performances that manifest the Indian art and culture in the most extravagant manner. The passion of the little ones, the undying efforts of the staff and the constant support from parents is what registered this event in the Limca Book of Records and continues to make it a success every passing year!


The greatest gift you can give your child is to be a good, supporting and understanding parent. It is those who benefit from positive parenting who grow up with the right qualities and receive a promising future. We truly believe that when a child attends Mother’s Pride, so does the whole family. Thus, our honourable Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta hosts special Parent Seminars where the parents are introduced to the Positive Parenting approach. The seminars help them understand the child psychology and how everything could be dealt in a way that their relationship only grows stronger.




The Heartwarming - Preschool Graduation Day

For the Mother’s Pride School, the end of the school year not only marks the arrival of warmer days but also the beloved and anticipated Annual Preschool Graduation Day. Year after year, this heartwarming ceremony has become a cherished tradition for the families, educators, and, most importantly, the little graduates.

For the school, the Annual Graduation Day for our Prep students isn't just a routine event; it's a timeless tradition that celebrates the cyclical nature of growth, learning, and the enduring spirit of the preschool community. It's a day that, year after year, reminds everyone involved of the importance of those early steps toward a bright and promising future.


Organizing various types of exhibitions in a school plays a crucial role in the holistic development of students. These exhibitions go beyond traditional classroom learning, providing students with opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and overall personality. The importance of different types of exhibitions in a school cannot be overstated. These events contribute significantly to students' academic, social, and personal development, preparing them for a well-rounded and successful future. Exhibitions involve interactions with professionals, experts, and community members. This connection with the real world exposes students to diverse perspectives, potential career paths, and practical applications of their academic knowledge. Mother’s Pride, Pataudi organizes various types of exhibitions in the school every year aiming at the all round development of its students.